How I Came Off Citalopram For Post Natal Depression [NEED TO WRITE]

In my post "It's ok to not be ok" I wrote about how I had been put on 10mg of citalopram after seeing my GP for post natal depression.

The first 3 weeks of being on them were absolutely horrendous. I felt nauseous, fuzzy headed, drunk, not quite with it and the odd bout of dizziness. I found some forums where people were discussing how long the initial side effects lasted for and it seemed to vary between 1-3 weeks. Unfortunately, it lasted the full 3 weeks for me.

not addictive but hard to come off because of side effects that make you go back on it just to escape the side effects

I had 4 days without the kids so I timed those 4 days to begin 7 days after I stopped taking them

I feel like I no longer need them

Have missed 4 days in a row before accidenta;;y and feltok

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