How To Plan A Year Of Blog Posts In One Day

Some people work better with no plan and just winging it. That's when their creative flow is strongest. For others, like myself, I work better knowing that if I miss a deadline, I have a backlog of posts to choose from to be able to hit my posting schedule.

So if you want to schedule your posts well in advance, grab a pen and notebook or diary and keep reading!

Get a calendar

Preferably one of those year view desk type calendars just for ease of viewing everything at once.

Start with the biggies

Christmas, Valentines, Easter...Go through every month one by one and see what big events happen in that month. Write them down in your calendar.

Split into quarters

We are now going to split it into quarters to make it a bit easier to digest everything

Seasonal posts

You can write at least one post per quarter for the changing of the seasons. Or you can do multiple posts focussing on different aspects that each season brings. Fashion, weather, activities etc.. You can pencil in at least 1 seasonal post that fits in with your blog and if there's anything else that you can link in, write those in too.

Split into months

We are now going to dissect each month more closely.

National days

What national days are happening in each month. Make sure you look at global days and national days relating to where you live. If you're audience live somewhere different to you, have a look at national days where they live too and see if there's anything that you can write about there. Don't force something that's not related to your blog though. You don't HAVE to do a post on every global and national day there is. Just pick out the ones that speak to you and your readers.

Personal days

Now it's time to add in your personal days. Birthdays, days out, events, all the fun stuff that you are getting up to that you want to tell your readers about.

Any holidays you have

Are you going abroad or have any weekends away planned? Any spa days with your besties? Pencil these in for at least a week after the event to give yourself some time to write about it and edit your photos. Same goes for your personal days unless you know you'll have the time to sit and write about sooner.

General post bulk out

What things do you blog about that don't fit into any of the above categories? Things like this post, for example, isn't specific to a month or season. Niche posts fit well here if you have any ideas written down in a notebook that you want to blog about. You can now slot those in strategically between all of the posts that you have planned out so far.

Blogging challenges

Do you take part in blogging challenges? Blogmas, blogtober? You can usually get a list of prompts to work through to save you having to plan out a months worth of posts right now but be aware that these won't be available until usually the month before.

These next 3 categories are slightly harder to plan in because the majority of them happen without much planning. If you think you can network enough of these to be able pencil in, say, 1 a month, then by all means put them in! If nothing else, it gives you a great goal to work towards!

Sponsored posts


Affiliate posts

These can come under some of the above categories. 'The biggies' very often have gift ideas posts that do really well with these types of posts

You may end up having a holiday post become a sponsored post or days out be in collaboration with another brand or blogger.

So there you have it! I bet that I've surprised you with how easy it was to plan out a years worth of content in just a day but the truth is, you've just never thought to go that far ahead before. I find keeping a notebook on me at all times where I can quickly jot down title ideas is a massive help when trying to come up with things in advance like this.

I hope you've found this post a massive help with your productivity! You've now got your content planned so you can start drafting up your posts! Let me know what other kind of productivity posts you'd like to see in the comments below and I'll see what I can do!