8 Essential Things For Your First Week As A New Mom

A lot of these types of posts I see, tend to be geared more towards what you'll need for baby. Well what about Mom? You've just pushed a watermelon out of your whatsits and no one is telling you what you're going to need!

Well, I've got your back! Read on to find out what I needed or wished I had for that all important first week after giving birth.

Pre-made food or ready meals

You will be starving (especially if you're breastfeeding) but you'll be far too tired to cook. If you want to stop yourself reaching for the junk food and help shed some of that extra baby weight, batch cook some meals in advance and freeze them. Either remember to take them out of the freezer the night before to reheat from chilled, or make sure you know the adjusted heat times from frozen. Might help to do a few test runs beforehand.

My favourite thing to cook and freeze is cottage pie closely followed by lasagne, curry or stir fry. Home bargains have the aluminium takeaway containers for pennies (don't waste your money in Tesco like I did) so you can make yourself an entire months worth of meals easily and cheaply. Plus, you can work out your calories so you're on your very own "Jane Plan" type diet!

Cotton pads

Not cotton wool balls. With my first, I tore and needed stitches and boy was it sore down there. I was advised to pour some warm water down there while I was having a wee to stop the urine from burning and then gently hold a cotton pad soaked in water down there instead of wiping with toilet paper. I went through quite a few to be honest.

Plus, they're handy for those very first tar poos that your baby will do.

Comfortable clothes

I lived in leggings, jogging bottoms and pyjamas for the first 3 years after giving birth...so make sure you've got some nice, airy, breathable, comfortable clothing to chill in! Sorry did I say years? I was just being honest! (My husband is one lucky chap!)


Make sure you have a good stock of paracetamol and ibuprofen. Even if you don't tear, you'll still be a bit sore down there and if you breastfeed, your nipples will almost definitely hurt! I don't think you can take ibuprofen when breastfeeding though but your midwife or health visitor should give you all the information you'll need in regards to that.

Quick snacks

For exactly the same reason pre-made food and ready meals are on here, you'll also want to pre make or buy some healthy snacks for you to grab while you're stuck underneath a sleeping or feeding baby. You might also want to keep one on your bedside table (along with a drink) to help you on those seemingly never-ending night feeds.

Someone to help you clean

When I say clean, I mean, wash up or fill your dishwasher for you and put a load of washing on. I don't necessarily mean clean your whole house from top to bottom. It's so easy for those little mundane tasks to be overlooked until you have nothing to wear and no cups left. It doesn't take much for someone else to do this for you. If you ask each visitor to just quickly whisk around the room and the kitchen or just hold your baby while you quickly chuck a washing load in or take it out and put it all on the radiators, it just helps make things that tiny, little bit easier.

Pre recorded TV shows

You'll be doing a lot of sitting, feeding your baby in the first week or two so having a good list of things you can watch can be a godsend so you're not stuck watching ordinary day time TV (read: Jeremy Kyle). I loved "Baby Changes Everything" when I was a new mom. MTV and TLC have some fun stuff so have a good search through and see what you like!

Doughnut cushion

Yep. I'm going there. With Sophie, I had 2 tears and sitting down was beyond painful for the first 2 weeks. I didn't have a doughnut cushion so I improvised with a rolled up towel. Wasn't all that comfy for my bum but certainly made sitting down a lot less painful for THAT area....

Do you think I missed anything off my list? Let me know below!


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