Why Brexit Is Like Raising A Toddler

If you live anywhere, and I mean in a cave, under a rock, at the bottom of the sea, then you will know that the UK is currently the laughing stock of the world.

Before I go any further into this post I would just like to say that what I know about politics could be written on my thumb. I only know the inflated headlines and scaremongering that has been happening constantly for the last 2 years. So with that said, let's get to the fun stuff.

It all starts a bit like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a man called David Cameron. He thought he was the best Prime Minister in all the world and wanted to prove it. He wanted to put a stop to what UKIP had started and so decided to - quite confidently- hold a referendum asking the British public if we wanted to remain in the European Union or if we wanted to leave.

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The public voted to leave the EU with a majority of 1,269,501 votes or 51.9%. Now, in my opinion, since we are a democracy, if that vote had been won by a single vote, it would still have been the majority and therefore the vote would stand.

Anyway, back to the fairy tale. David Cameron was overjoyed at the public vote and immediately set Article 50 in motion and secured an amazing deal. We left the EU on 29th March just like we were supposed to and lived happily ever after.

Only, that's not anywhere near close to what happened.

David Cameron spat his dummy out, chucked all of his toys out of the pram and in full blown toddler tantrum mode, announced his resignation. All because he didn't get his own way.

David Cameron throwing his tantrum

Unfortunately it was Theresa May that took up the poisoned chalice. For everyone that seems to be directing their hate towards her rather than the situation, just know that whoever stepped up to become Prime Minister was destined to become the most hated person in Europe, if not the world.

Now I'm not saying that she couldn't have gone about the entire situation differently from the very beginning and ended up getting a deal that could've been passed. But the simple fact is, what's happened has happened and that's that. We have a deal option and we have a no deal option.

It's like giving your child a stir fry to eat and then they spend 2 years trying to pick out all the onion and the bits of grated carrot and whatever other veg is in there that they don't like and then they ask for chicken nuggets and smiley faces instead even though it was never an option! You then get to the point that you are threatening your child if they don't just bloody eat the god damn food and tell them they either eat it or they eat nothing.

You'd think the choice would be simple!


They don't like the deal. They don't like the no deal. They've spent the last two years trying to cock block brexit (sorry mom!) without realising the actual implication on our democracy.

Next general election, Conservatives win. Labour doesn't like it. That's ok, we'll just hold another vote. What's the point in voting if what you vote for doesn't happen!

Every single MP need sacking and replacing.

Theresa May (who, by the way, was actually a remainer) is the only person that seems to care about delivering what the public voted for. We didn't vote to leave the EU only if we had a deal. We simply voted to leave.

Thou shall not pass a brexit deal

If the MPs want to say no to every option that's given to them, then it stands to reason that the only choice is to go with nothing.

Well, that was my brexit rant veiled in a parenting analogy to make sure that it fit in with the theme of my blog!

I'd say let me know your thoughts but you're not supposed to talk about politics as it's a controversial topic....Ooops!

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