Top Tips To Spring Clean Your Home

There's nothing more satisfying than a good old spring clean of your house. Especially when that spring clean actually falls in the spring! I had a weekend free of the kids and hubby in March and so I did what any normal mother would do with all that spare time....I got excited that I could clean and declutter in peace!

But being faced with the task of cleaning your entire home in one weekend can be a little bit daunting. So how should you go about doing it?


So, we need to do a few things to prepare for our clean rather than just diving right in and getting a bit overwhelmed.


First of all, have a list! It's easy to forget some basics when you're in the midst of a bomb site so grab some pen and paper before you start and list each room and what you want to do in there. For example, wipe the skirting boards, high dust all the ceilings and lights, polish and hoover etc.


Once your list is sorted, you need to collect all of your cleaning gear together. I have a little cleaning caddy underneath my sink and I filled it with all the things I was going to need so that I wouldn't have to stop what I was doing to go and hunt down a cleaning product.

Think about microfiber cloths for dusting, furniture polish, disinfectant spray and/or wipes, bleach, a duster, bin bags etc...put it all in your caddy so that you can take it with you from room to room and wont have to go and keep interrupting your flow to make visits to the cupboard under the sink.

A "not in this room" box

On the note of not interrupting your flow, if you have a spare box or another caddy, then keep it empty and take it with you as a "does not belong in this room box". Then, instead of having to move things to other rooms before you can start cleaning, just throw things that belong elsewhere in the house into the box. When you get to a new room, check your box at the end and see if there's anything in there that belongs in that room and put it away.

Cut your nails

The final thing that I highly recommend before starting a big spring clean is....cut your nails! You know you're going to be moving and picking up lots of things as well as working with lots of cleaning products that make your nails brittle. Rather than getting halfway through a room and breaking a nail, just give them a trim before you start and eliminate the problem!

Lets get cleaning

Now that we've got everything prepared for our spring clean, let's get to it!

For me, I started in the living room. It's the most lived in room of the house and houses the most crap stuff. Don't bother tidying it before you start, it's 2 minutes away from looking like you've just had 50 kids around for a party.

We have a massive kallax IKEA unit in our living room so I decided to start there. I got all 10 toy boxes on the bottom 2 rows and tipped them all out into the middle of the floor. I grabbed a bin bag and then started sorting. I sorted a box of the babiest toys for Samuel (he just plays with whatever Sophie has anyway) and then a box of the educational toys for Sophie (like the writing alphabet and numbers wipe clean pads and her leapstart pad etc) and then organised the rest of the boxes into a mix of toys that we could alternate on different days and still have a good assortment to play with instead of needing 4 boxes out.

Toys with multiple parts didn't go in a box until I found all the parts for them (if they weren't all in the living room but I knew they were upstairs, I just put them to one side). Shockingly, we didn't have any missing parts for any of the toys! Anything that wasn't played with anymore went into a donation bin bag for our local church or if it was too tatty, it got thrown away.

Once they were all organised, I wiped down the shelf and put them all back in. Repeat with the other 15 squares in the shelving unit. Four of these shelves were books and another four were the drawer inserts so it was all pretty easy to take out, wipe down and replace the things that still got used/read/were decorative/photos.

Repeat process for all other surfaces such as television unit, fireplace, windowsill and desk.

You might come across things that you don't use anymore but you don't really want to donate it as you feel you could get some money for it. This is fine but you have to be truly honest with yourself on if you're actually going to take the time and take the photos and list it somewhere and accept that you almost definitely won't get what you think it's worth for it.

There were quite a few things I knew I could sell quite easily but I also knew that I wouldn't list them anywhere so donating is the only way I'm going to get it al out of the house. Especially when you end up donating 5 bin bags worth of stuff!

Now, you can pull out the settees and other movable furniture and give underneath and behind them a good wipe down. Our kallax unit is fixed to the wall else I would have moved that while it was empty. I actually moved our settees every week or so and it baffles me how so much stuff ends up underneath it in that time. Plates, bowls, forks, mega blocks, the dogs bone...

Once I've fully cleaned a room, I like to either light a candle or spray a room spray as a way of finishing it off. It now looks and smells lovely and I can move on to the next room!

Repeat for the next room, and the next room...and the next room.......

Since doing this spring clean and my big declutter in January where I got rid of around 9 bin bags worth of things, the house has been way easier to keep on top of. I'll probably do another declutter in another couple of months as there's always things that you stop using for whatever reason and there's no point in keeping them in the house if all they're doing is making a mess!

So there you go! I'd love to hear your top tips on doing a big spring clean! Leave them below and maybe I'll be doing them next time!

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