Simple and Easy Ways To Become A Better Parent

1. Put down your phone

It's so easy to get caught up in social media and miss things that your child is doing. Putting your phone down is a great way to keep yourself in the moment and really see what they're doing and notice the little things that you would have usually missed.

2. Stop worrying about the mess

Mess is part and parcel of being a parent. Thankfully, a lot mess is simply superficial mess. By this I mean that it's usually the toys your child is playing with and that when they've stopped playing you can throw them back into the toy box and voila! So stop worrying about the fact that your house isn't in pristine and let your kids have fun.

3. Give your child a cuddle

There is literally nothing better in world than having a proper cuddle with your child. Pull them close, making sure you're touching as much as possible and giving them a big squeeze! Or sitting down and snugging up together with some popcorn to watch a Disney film or their favourite television programme. They will really appreciate the closeness too.

4. Get outside

Getting outside just in general is so good for the soul. Take your child to the park and watch their little face light up when they run wild and scream with excitement. Even just going out in the garden is a great way to get some fresh air and explore!

5. Get excited with them

Kids get excited at the simplest of things and it's easy to forget that everything is magical to them. Instead of telling them to quiet down or calm down, get right in there and get just as excited as they are! You'll soon be grinning from ear to ear together and having a brilliant time!

6. Pay attention to what they're doing

I don't just mean look at them to see what they are doing. I mean really pay attention to them. Watch them as they work things out or play make believe. See how their expressions really change and how they interact with certain toys or people.

7. Make something together

Making things with your child is so much fun! It's even better if it's something edible ;) Make some cupcakes, some cookies, some brownies or even make dinner together (you could even go as simple as make a cup of tea together). Or you could go a bit more creative but messy and paint something together, make a card for someone, paint a figurine or simply draw a pretty picture together. Your child will love it no matter what it is because all children ever really want to do, is do things with mommy and daddy.

8. Read a story

Books are brilliant. We have quite a collection of favourites in our house (they're pretty much all favourites) and we read them so often that my 3 year old can pick up many of the books and "read" from memory. She adores books and I'm really hoping she becomes a bookworm like me as it really sets your imagination on fire when you find a good book.

I hope you've picked up some things from this. Living in the moment is precious when it comes to our children as they are only children for such a short period of time. There's so many things you'll regret when they're older and not spending enough time with them shouldn't be one of them.

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