Current Favourite Instagrammers Roundup

My favourite social media accounts tend to change quite regularly depending on what I have going on in my life at any given time. At the moment, the accounts I'm enjoying the most are the following:

Kayla Itsines

As I'm trying to lose my baby weight at the moment, I find Kayla's account to be very inspiring and motivating. Of course, I secretly hate the fact that she looks a million times better than I do even though she's heavily pregnant. And I also hate the fact that she will be one of those women who doesn't look like they've ever been pregnant less than an hour after giving birth...

But other than that, I love her account and looking at the transformation pics and watching her little belly grow. I will no doubt love (and hate) her even more once mini Kayla is born!

Mrs Hinch

I started following Mrs Hinch around about the 100k follower mark. So I wasn't one of the originals but I was one of the early hypers lol! Just like Kayla, I will only love her more once baby Hinch is here but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly hoping her house turned into a pigsty afterwards just so the rest of us moms don't get disheartened by her "perfect" life.

Little Miss Mops

Mrs Hinch is what I call a clean cleaner. She's cleaning an already clean home. Little Miss Mops is what I call a dirty cleaner and she does some fascinatingly disgusting end of tenancy cleans that simultaneously make you want to be sick but keep on watching at the same time. Her transformations gave me hope I could reverse the years of bad cleaning in my home and make it look like everything was actually brand new.

I didn't even know you could take off the seals in your shower before I discovered this account! Oops!

Giovanna Fletcher

I absolutely love her. I even listen to her podcast "Happy Mum, Happy Baby". I love her whole little family. She just strikes me as so happy and genuine and I just know that if we met, we'd be besties. Currently, she's my idol ❤

Fat Girl Fed Up

Talk. About. Inspiring.

Her before and after pictures are absolutely unreal. She's recently undergone skin removal surgery as she lost an insane amount of weight and was left with soooo much skin  and she's hoping to have some more in the near future. She really is the definition of inspiring and you should totally go and follow her!

Fleur De Force

I think I very first found Fleur around 9/10 years ago along with the "original" gleam youtube bunch. Just like every other teen, I followed Zoe much more closely and now that I'm an adult (or at least pretend to be) I find Fleur to be much more relatable and likeable. I was so excited when I found out she was pregnant and totally respect her decision to keep baby River out of the limelight.

I love Mike, I love her dogs and I love her. She's so pretty and seems so lovely, she's another one that I'd like to think if we met, we'd be friends. (And yes, I've listened to her on Happy Mum, Happy Baby!)

So there are my current fav instagrammers. Are any of these on your list too? Do you have any recommendations? I'm always on the lookout for new accounts to follow! Let me know below!

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