9 Things To Do When You Feel Like A Bad Mom

We all have those days where we feel like terrible parents. We feel like we've done nothing but shout and say no to our children and end up doubting ourselves. It's all part of the parenting package so don't worry. Here's some helpful tips on what you can do when you feel like a bad mom.


Take a deep breath

Just stop, breathe in, hold....and let it out. Now carry on rocking being the best mom you can be. Sometimes all we need to just have a quick shake off and we're good to go. No need to dwell, no need to overthink.

Talk to someone

You might have read that I have an incredibly supportive group of friends that I met online during my first pregnancy. The group chat is an amazing place to vent and release any frustrations or worries and I know I'll get nothing but love and support back. Talking it out helps you to see the bigger picture and realise that one bad day, or even one bad week, does not define you as a parent.

Say sorry

There's nothing more freeing than saying sorry if you've done something wrong. And this is especially true if it involves saying sorry to your children. You are teaching them a very valuable lesson and also making them feel like grown ups by admitting when you have made a mistake and saying sorry to them. Plus, loves and cuddles after an apology are just the best.

Get an hour to yourself

Call your mom, your friend, your sibling, your auntie, anyone and get them to look after the kids for an hour while you breathe, take a shower, grab a coffee and just recharge your batteries. Everyone gets burned out once in a while and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Do something fun

Take the kids to the park or a soft play centre or just bake some cupcakes together. There's nothing worse than dwelling on things and it can make the day worse by not letting it go and moving on. Doing something fun means that everyone quickly forgets whatever has happened and gets replaced by lovely squeals of laughter and those gorgeous little smiles that we live for as parents.

Cut yourself some slack

The fact that you even think you could be a bad mom shows that you aren't. You are worrying that you're not doing all that you can to make sure your little cherubs grow up to be the most perfect version of themselves possible. Well let me tell you, they will be. And it will all be down to the love you show them every single day. It might not be every single minute but it will definitely be every day! Because let's face it. I'm not sure any parent loves their child in the moment that they have decided to colour in your walls with permanent marker....

Remember tomorrow is a new day

If it's been one of those days when you simply can't just breathe through it or haven't got time to talk to someone, just remember that tomorrow is a new day. Everything looks better after a good nights sleep (if you're in the newborn phase, you might not be getting a full nights sleep for a while, sorry!). You're child will have forgotten whatever the arguments of yesterday were and you no longer feel like you're a volcano waiting to blow.

Give your child a cuddle

Similar to saying sorry but not quite the same. There will be times where there is nothing to apologise for so a nice, big cuddle will sort you out instead. My daughter gives the bestest cuddles and I'm sure when my son is a bit older he'll be just as good at giving them. My favourite types of cuddles are where Sophie will squeeze as hard as she can and then whisper to me "Mommy, you're the best mommy ever". It just absolutely melts my heart!

Have a good cry

Be honest. There is nothing better than letting things out in a good old fashioned, ugly crying session. If you're not an ugly crier, go away, we don't want you and your perfectness here. I joke, of course. But crying is such a good way to let out all those feelings you keep bottled up inside. So get out the ice cream, put on a good film or an Adele album and just let it all out.

Let me know below what your favourite thing to do is when you're having one of those bad mom days! See you next Wednesday!

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