New Years Resolutions: 2 Month Update

To keep myself accountable with my New Years Resolutions, you'll see that last month I did a 1 month update post about how I was getting on. Well, I've decided to carry it on until I've completed all of my goals! It's a great way to keep me on track and not forget about them!

Keep yourself accountable to achieve your new year's resolutions

1. To lose 2lbs per month

So I really should have realised when I set this goal that I should've discounted February. I didn't lose weight this month but in my defence I have a good reason! We have my birthday, Jacobs birthday and Samuels birthday as well as our anniversary, valentines day and the weekend away that we always go on to Wales.
So with all the drinking and the eating out we've done this month, I'm not surprised that I failed. Back on it now and I'm going to try and lose Februarys weight in March to keep me on track overall.

2. January detox

Technically, I've completed this (OK, not successfully) as its no longer January. I didn't give up anything for February but I want to give up chocolate for March so I'm leaving this here so I can track how I did with this next month.

3. Find a new job

I still haven't found a new job and naughty me hasn't really been looking. I've been throwing myself into blogging but I'm not sure if this is going to be feasible in reality. It's looking like I will have to get a part time and still work on my blog in the hopes that eventually I'll make the same money as the part time job and then be able to quit that.

4. Make more time for me

My love of blogging is definitely growing. It's such a great way to leave myself behind for a few hours of an evening and just type. The more I'm doing it, the more I'm getting into the swing of it and remembering my love of writing from school.

5. Complete a 72 hour fast

Same as last month. It's not looking like I'll be doing it yet but I still very much want to do it. I have a potential opportunity coming up in March where I might be able to do it, so stay tuned!

6. Learn how to use my camera

I've still been sticking to the auto sport setting to be honest with you! When I get a bit of extra time to sit and learn all the camera jargon then I think I'll have more luck with learning how to use it. There's just so much to learn. It's not as simple as "learn how to use my camera". I need to learn what all the words mean, then learn what each of the settings are supposed to do and then be able to apply it backwards. So what do I want to achieve with my picture and what settings are best geared towards getting that result.

Although I did find what looks to be quite a good Pinterest graphic on it so I'm gonna have a proper look at that and test some things out!

7. Blog twice a week and create 4 weeks of scheduled posts

I still haven't managed to hit twice a week but I'm nearly there! I have lots of posts scheduled so I'm now looking to start scheduling for twice a week! I'm currently scheduled until May but there will obviously be posts that push that further back that I simply can't schedule that far in advance. We've just been to Llandudno so if I blog about that, that is one of the things that gets slotted in early rather than at the back of the queue. Would be odd to not publish it until 3 months later!

So there you have it! My second month update on my resolutions and I'm pretty happy with how things are going so far!

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  1. Great to see your honesty, sometimes life gets in the way but knowing that’s ok is so important x

    1. It's definitely important to know that it's ok to not hit every target first time! As long as you don't give up on them, that's the most important lesson!