Lent Declutter Challenge

What's this? A new post? But it's not Wednesday! Well I had an idea and it couldn't wait!

Lent declutter challenge
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If you read my previous post "Decluttering for Mental Clarity" then you'll know that at the beginning of January, I kicked my new year off with a declutter of the house. It felt great! But after a busy February, things have crept back out of place and we've accumulated a lot of new things due to 3 birthdays!

So I decided that I would do a declutter challenge for lent! Every day of lent, I will put one thing either to donate or in the bin. I'd have liked to have a sell pile but realistically, I'll never get around to taking pictures of it and listing it somewhere so it will just end up staying in the house.

At the end of lent, that's 45 items that will no longer be causing mess in my home. I know lent is traditionally for 40 days but I'll be counting Sundays as a declutter day.

I would love for you to join in and if you want to post pictures on Instagram, I'll be using #lentdeclutterchallenge to show my progress!

Lent in 2019 starts on 6th March and ends 20th April according to my google search. I did have one come up saying it ended on 18th April but I want to declutter as much as possible so I went with the larger date range.

I can't wait to see what you all get up to! Now, back to Wednesday postings!

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  1. This is a great idea! Love the idea of helping others by donating as well x

    1. Donating them 100% gives me far better motivation to throw something that would have been in the maybe pile and kept for the sake of it!