Samuels Pregnancy Story

As we got pregnant with Sophie in our first month of trying, I'd assumed that getting pregnant again would be just as easy. After all, I'd done it before, I knew what I was doing and how to maximise chances, why wouldn't it be the same this time?
We had originally planned on an 18 month age gap and I remember thinking when I was around 4/5 months pregnant, that I was glad that it didn't actually go to plan!
Samuel's Pregnancy was very similar to Sophie's with just some main subtle differences. The first difference was that with Sophie, I had random intense waves of nausea that made me stop and concentrate on not being sick, whereas with Samuel, I felt mildly sick all of the time.
The second difference, is I didn't get any hip pain with Samuel (hooray!) and could walk just fine, albeit slowly, for the entire pregnancy! No hands and knees up the stairs this time around! Which was an absolute godsend since I didn't fancy being unable to move around with a 20 month old running around the house. That could've been disastrous.
Another difference was that I didn't get any heartburn with Sophie but oh my days did I get it with Samuel! I definitely couldn't lie on my left hand side to get to sleep but lying down in general was horrible. I couldn't find any foods that set it off and spoiler, he had less hair than Sophie did so that wives tale is a myth!
You would think that after going overdue with Sophie, I wouldn't get my hopes up with being slightly early this time around. But no! From December I was adamant I was going to be having him early! For the silly reason that I never experienced Braxton Hicks with Sophie! Early in December, I was 10 minutes away from calling the midwife the contractions were getting that strong and then thankfully they died off. I was really starting to panic because of how early I was. I had a few more over the course of the pregnancy so you can imagine how frustrated I was when my due date arrived and then passed me by...
I saw my midwife at 40+2 and she attempted to do a sweep but my cervix was still so high she couldn't reach it enough to perform it. She told me that she would bet me £5 I would have to be induced! She called the hospital and booked me in for induction at 10 days overdue and told me that if I hadn't given birth by then, to call the labour ward at 8am and ask what time they want me.

39 weeks pregnant
After I got home, I realised I didn't like the idea of being induced for the sake of missing an estimated date. If I had a legitimate, medical reason, then of course I would of course agree to be induced but I genuinely believed that if baby hadn't come, it was because baby wasn't ready. I researched the risks with both refusing the induction and getting the induction and weighed up the pros and cons to each. After talking with Jacob, he was happy to go along with whatever my decision was and so I decided that I would call them up on that 10 day appointment and tell them I wanted to wait.
I wont lie, I was so nervous at the idea of having to make that phone call! But baby Samuel finally decided that at 9 days overdue, he was ready to meet his Mommy, Daddy and big sister.

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