My Pet Peeves

I feel like most of my pet peeves has to do with what I see online more than what I encounter in day to day life. If I scroll through my facebook feed I can normally find multiple statuses that really annoy me and I have to fight the urge to write a really sarcastic comment.

One of my MAJOR pet peeves is when people just casually throw in "oh, I've got the flu". I have seen multiple facebook statuses of people saying that they have the flu but have to drag themselves out of bed to do various things. I'm not a doctor and I've never had the flu but I know that if you have the real flu, you will not be doing anything other than dying in bed even if you had an appointment with the Queen. You certainly wouldn't be nipping to the shops because you have no bread in.

Another one, that is yet again linked to facebook, is when people use the wrong word. And the biggest offender of this, is the word "genuinely". For some reason, the majority of the population don't know the difference between genuinely and generally. The most laughable and common example of this is "I generally love her I do". While they could very easily mean that they love her sometimes, they actually tried to say "I genuinely love her I do". Another is "I defiantly need to do this". No. You "definitely" need to do it. Again, you could be defiantly doing something but I highly doubt that was what you were trying to say. Too/to/there/their/they're/your/you're are similar issues but at least with these, you can ever so slightly understand the confusion a bit more.

Surprise, surprise, my third one is also to do with facebook! The attention seeking statuses where the person will say something like "I'm so angry" or "waiting to be seen at the hospital" and someone comments asking if everything is ok and the reply is "I've messaged you". Erm, no. If you want to announce something like that then announce the full story and stop trying to get people to ask what's the matter.

My last one is kind of a controversial topic and one I could quite possibly do an entire blog post on to be honest. Body confidence. Now let me say quickly that I am totally for body confidence and learning to love the skin you're in but it's the "fat" people that have taken this phrase and turned it into a way of promoting unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. They don't "need" to diet because they are happy in themselves and how they look, which is fair enough, but don't use that to tell someone else that they shouldn't diet either. Being healthy should take priority and sending the message that it's ok to be unhealthy is not ok in my eyes.

What are you some of your pet peeves? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know below!


  1. Ahh! I hate Facebook when someone is attention seeking. You are right. If they want to say they're angry or at hospital at least tell the full story. Eesh!

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