After my complete fail of Blogtober, I was doubly - no, make that triply - determined to make Blogmas work! So I created a prompt list nice and early so that I could get writing well in advance and not get stressed out and bogged down.

There are only 24 prompts - one for each day up to Christmas Eve so that from Christmas Day to the New Year you can just sit back, relax, spend time with your family and get over your hangover in peace!

If you want to join in, there's a linky at the bottom of this post (if there isn't, I'm clearly a technophobe and can't figure out how to do a simple link up) so please drop your link there so that everyone can have a read through and don't forget to leave a link on your blog letting your readers know where they can find all the lovely participants and have read through some fun topics!

The prompts are as follows:

Below are all the people taking part in Blogmas 2018! Feel free to have a read through, you never know, you may just find your new favourite blog!

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  1. Thanks for doing this Stacy. My post today is about a music festival so wont add that but will be adding all my Christmas ones and linking back to this page. Thanks again.