Blogmas Day 5: Favourite Family Games

We love playing games on Christmas Day and we play different games depending on where we are. We tend to play lots of "little" games, especially if any of our presents are game related, like last year I had a Harry Potter Trivia game so we had a game of that (I won of course). The best and funniest games though are played year after year and never get old.

Heads Up

Without a doubt, my favourite game of all time has to be Heads Up! It's absolutely hilarious and gets better as the night goes on when people have had more to drink. The animal category seems to be the most popular as it tends to be struggle with other categories being known to everyone. One person will know an actor that is being described but the person doing the guessing will have never heard of them or vice versa.

Tissue Box

I have no idea if this game has a real name, if it does, leave me a comment letting me know what it is! This is where you take an empty tissue box (a Kleenex box works best because of how shallow they are, compared to those cube boxes) and tie it to you so that it's on your back/bum with 5 chocolates in it (roses, celebrations, heroes, etc..) and then you have to try and twerk them out. Whoever does it the fastest wins and make sure you have a wee first otherwise you may just have a accident from laughing so much!

Quiz Night

This one is courtesy of Jacob or one of his brothers. This also gets played various times throughout the year at events or on family holidays. It tends to be general knowledge based with a few more "specialist" questions thrown in. Sometimes it's boy vs girls, sometimes its couple vs couple and other times it a random draw for the teams. Unfortunately, I don't really do very well at these because my general knowledge stinks and there never seems to be a Harry Potter section!


I have no doubt that this year Alexa will make an appearance in our game choices. Jacob and I have recently found a few games that we can play together (it's taken me almost a year to get him to talk to her!) and my family also have an Echo Dot that we've played a few games with. A few favourites are True or False, Song Quiz and Guess My Name.

What games do you like to play? Do you like to play traditional board games like Monopoly or Cluedo? Or do you like to get hands on with Twister? I'd love to hear your favourites!


  1. I love quiz nights. Alexa is too modern for me ;-)

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