Blogtober Day 4 - Ditty

Today is national poetry day! Now, I'm no good at poems but Jacob is fab at them! So he's very kindly done a special poem just for todays theme!

I'll never be the Mom
I hope to be a good Dad
Always be there to depend on
To the kids I'll give all my love
But I'll never be "the Mom"
I'll pick them up when they fall
Cuddle them all night long
Stick a plaster on their poorly
But I'll never be the mom
When it's time for a bedtime story
I offer to be the one
Occasionally I get the honour
But I'll never be the Mom
Some days it gets too much for her
And the kids she needs a break from
They're happy to be with Daddy
But I'll never be the Mom
And whilst us Dads will sit 2nd (to Moms)
That doesn't make me sad
I will never be their Mom
But I will always be their Dad




  1. Aww! This is really sweet. I like it x

  2. Awwwww!! That's so lovely and also puts things in a different light so beautifully. #blogtober18

  3. Absolutely beautiful words :) #blogtober18

  4. Lovely to see some team dad words for day 4 :) #blogtober18

  5. Such a beautiful poem, Jacob is very talented #Blogtober18