Blogtober Day 3 - Couples

This year marks the 10 year anniversary that I met my husband. We met back in 2008 at a Ceroc dance class that I went to with my auntie. I'd been doing the class on and off for around 2 years but had had a few months off. Jacob had been doing it a while but we didn't meet until I restarted the class in the summer.

Since I started when I was 14, I was used to being the youngest person there by 10-15 years. So it was only natural that when we ended up meeting, we did a lot of dancing together. We were encouraged by the franchise owner to take part in the first regional championships he was hosting in November and we were helped a great deal by the teacher, Marie.

We took part in under 18s event and when we got there, found out we had also been entered in the intermediate category too. The whole thing was thrilling and terrifying all at once! My lovely mother made my dresses as she's a bit of a whizz with the sewing machine and I got my design ideas off strictly come dancing!

We did really well and reached the semi finals of the intermediates and managed to bag 1st place in the juniors. Embarrassingly enough, one of the pictures taken by the photographer is still being used on the local fliers for the class!

3 months after taking part in the competition we officially became a couple. This may sound cheesy but I knew for months that we would end up together. We clicked instantly and were always on the same page for everything.

His sense of humour meant that we were always laughing. My very first Christmas present from him (before we got together) was a KitKat, a used bus pass day saver, an I love nursing badge and some perfume! Obviously it was the perfume that was the gift but Jacob being Jacob just had to chuck those other things in too!

For our 1 year anniversary we went to Llandudno and it's been a tradition every year since then. That means we've been 8 times! Unfortunately, we didn't go this year as I was ready to give birth any day. We were hoping to go later in the year instead but tings have just been too hectic to even think about having a weekend in Wales.

On our 3rd anniversary, we went to Llandudno as usual and it also happened to be Jacobs 21st birthday. We walked up to the top of the Great Orme but it was soooo windy that we couldn't even eat the sandwiches we'd taken with us! It was like a hurricane! On the way back down, we found a little cutout in the cliff that even had a ledge to sit on in the rock. We sat down there to eat and take a break and out comes this absolutely gorgeous ring! I honestly don't even remember if he asked me anything, I just flung my arms around him and kissed him. He must have asked because he looked at me and said "well?" and I just shouted "YES!" As if I was ever going to say no?!

We tied the knot 3 years later and this year was our 3rd wedding anniversary and we have 2 beautiful children and a dog! We didn't waste any time settling into family life and as hectic as it may be, I wouldn't change a thing.

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