Blogtober Day 2: Boobs

Boobs, breasts, tits, melons, jugs, boobies, breasticles, the girls, fun bags, baps, knockers.....we all have them (assuming you're not a male reading this!) and yet we don't show them enough love.

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

It's a phrase we have all heard and yet seem to assume that we are in the 20% that are wearing the correct one. So how do we know if our bra fits us properly? If you've got quad boobs, the band rides up your back, constantly readjusting yourself so you don't fall out or have aching shoulders from how tight your straps are, you're almost definitely wearing the wrong size! I've got all the information you need from Boob or Bust for you to check how well your bra fits you.

Warning! You will laugh and scoff at the size you're supposed to be wearing! Every single woman stares in disbelief at their BoB size, laughs and says its clearly wrong, closes the web page without doing anything and then comes back a few months later after it's been niggling away at them and finally end up in shock when it turns out to be the best bra they've ever worn!

So, what's first?

The band test! This is a very simple way to test if the band of your bra is tight enough to be able to support your breasts. The majority of the support of your bra should not be coming from your straps. As a general rule of thumb, the band won't usually be more than 20+ your dress size. This of course is dependent on body type though so there may be instances where this doesn't apply.

Put on your bra backwards, cups on your back. Make sure the band is nice and straight and sitting where it's supposed to sit if you were wearing your bra the right way around. Now hook your fingers under the strap and pull firmly but not so much it will ping back at you. If you can pull the strap away from your body by more than 1-1.5 inches, it is too big. If you can't get two fingers under it, flat against your body, it is too small.

I'm betting you pulled it out a good 2-3 inches right? For the sake of this "tutorial" lets assume it was a perfect fit.

Once you've found your band size (for me, I was wearing a 34 and needed to be wearing a 30) it's time to check the cups. Now, repeat after me! Swoop and scoop! Swoop and scoop! This phrase is your boobs new best friend! Put your bra on properly as you normally would. Now, put your hand into the cup of the bra and bring all of the breast tissue from by your armpit into the cup. Do this on both sides and also make sure you are pulling your breasts up so that all of the tissue is situated inside the cup and the wire of the bra isn't sitting on breast tissue. If its a non wired bra, it should not be being pulled away from your body. Most of what you think is "back fat" is actually misplaced breast tissue that has been pushed out of place by wearing the incorrect bra size.

The cup that you used to think housed all of your boobage is now, no doubt, struggling to contain the sisters and you probably have some quad boob going on, right? That's because your cup is too small!

What about style?

Unfortunately, very few of us have "perfect" breasts. For me, if I try my bra size on in a full cup bra, it looks like the cup is too big as I have bottom heavy breasts, so the top of the cup will gape away from me. I do best in plunge and balcony/balconette bras. If you have top heavy breasts you are more likely to spill out over balcony bras so a different style may be needed.

Back to the warning. A lot of people will have been measured for their bras using the old fashioned +4 method. This goes back to when the bands of the bras weren't quite so stretchy so you needed that bigger band. Bras are made from much better materials now, so this method is extremely outdated. Also, thanks to lads magazines and page 3 models, people have been brainwashed into thinking that a D cup is huge when in actual fact, it depends entirely on the band size that goes with it! A 34D has the same cup volume as a 32DD and a 30E. And a D in a 30 back is a completely different cup size to a D with a 38 back!

This post could be 10 pages longer so I've only covered the basics. If you want to use the Boob or Bust calculator to see what your bra size should be, then click here to give it a go. This will give you an excellent starting size to then play around with the band test and the swoop and scoop to get your perfect size. They also have a tonne of fabulous resources on the best place to get fitted, where to buy and how to correctly do all the measurements and tests mentioned here.

So what are you waiting for?! Go and do your boobs a favour and sort your bra out now!


  1. 😁 ooohhhhh!!! That all makes sense now. Runs off to check sizes! #blogtober x

  2. What great advice. I'm quite comfortable in my size but getting the right size for my daughter has been a nightmare. I think I understand now, thanks.

  3. This is so interesting to read. Fantastic advice.
    I have different size bras depending on what style they are. lol

  4. I haven't worn a bra in years because I was fed up wires making my ribs hurt (they stick out quite prominently where the wires would sit) so now I wear genie bras or equivalent

  5. brilliant post, I am definitely bookmarking this one to read again once the kids are all at school and I can concentrate on getting the right bra size!

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