'The Mom Group'

This phrase crops up often in conversations to my husband, my mom, my mother in law and sometimes to other members of my family too.
'The Mom Group' 99% of the time refers to a WhatsApp chat group and the other 1% it's broadened to meaning either the Facebook group or the original 'app' group.
As I mentioned in Sophies Pregnancy Story, I had an app called pink pad which I found out had a forum section. When I told the app that I was pregnant it automatically added me to a April 2016 group where all the other women who were also expecting April babies had been added too. The only problem with this group was it was full of thousands of members and the majority of them were in America and a lot of the things they were discussing weren't relevant to us here in the UK.
A private UK group and was advertised in the main group for around 3 months to make sure that anyone who wanted to join, knew where to find us. We ended up with around 100 members. As often happens, the number of people using it gradually decreased over time until I think we got down to around 40 usernames that were easily recognisable.

This group was amazing. We posted everything. Every worry, every symptom, every milestone. We all really connected and became real friends.

This group was used until the babies were around 4 months old. At this point we were talking too frequently to be able to use the forum so we created a group on Facebook that we could move over to. We also started organising our very first meet up for the babies first birthday!! We spent a lot of time trying to get a feel for where the best place would be that would maximise the number of people that could come and decided Birmingham was a pretty central location to everyone.

In January 2017 the amazing WhatsApp group was born! It was originally called something along the lines of  April 2016 Babies but when we started chatting properly it became an inside joke that one of us must be a "Harold" and not really a mom! The group is now known as "The Harolds" (post picture finally makes sense lol!) complete with mascot photo and I won't lie, I'll be really disappointed if it doesn't stay that way forever! Not everyone joined the chat group so the Facebook is still used. Especially if its something we want to make sure we get answers on as the chat moves so fast sometimes that conversations get lost.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say this group is my rock. If anyone is having a bad day we know that we can let it all out and there will be 15 people ready and waiting to be that listening ear and reassure us. We all know that we can be 100% honest and truthful with each other. There have been a few differences in opinions over time but we are very much an "agree to disagree" group and appreciate that not everyone will think the same.

I know that most of them will be reading this so I just want to say, Ladies, I would be totally lost without you all and you mean the world to me ♥

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