Sophies Pregnancy Story

We were very lucky to get pregnant with Sophie the very first month of trying. I'd had this app on my phone called pink pad (unfortunately it's no longer available) for years as it was what I used to keep track of my periods. About 6 months prior to when we started trying I discovered it had a community section with forums on trying to conceive, miscarriage, birth months and so much more!
I stalked the TTC forum and got it in my head that it would take a minimum of 6 months to fall pregnant as that seemed to be the average length of time. Heartbreakingly, some women in that particular forum had been trying for years.
I bought the pregnacare conception vitamins, tons of ovulation strips and pregnancy test strips and a thermometer so that I could do it all properly. This is an entire post in itself so will go into more detail another day.
Lo and behold! My very first cycle and we were expecting a baby! Yes, I cried when I told Jacob even though I wasn't expecting to. I got a gift bag, a card, a baby vest and the clear blue digital test and he apparently knew the second I gave him the bag.

first pregnancy announcement
Our pregnancy announcement
So, first trimester.
I didn't have 'morning sickness' as I was never actually sick but that could have been down to me having a phobia of being sick so will fight tooth and nail to not be. I had random, intense waves of nausea that made me stop and concentrate on not being sick but not enough to make me ever actually get up to go to the toilet.
I'd just started a new job (terrible timing and again, a post in itself) so I made sure to wear baggy clothes from the start so that it wasn't suspicious going from wearing fitted clothing to baggy clothing as I wasn't sure when I wanted to reveal my pregnancy.
I had a very sore lower abdomen which really hurt to cough, especially when lying down. In the middle of the night if I needed to cough or sneeze I would have to bring my knees up to my chest otherwise I would end up in agony.

I had no cravings at any point in my pregnancy although I did start to prefer my drinks cold and had ice cream more often than I used to. I've never liked the smell of mince beef cooking but when pregnant is was utterly repulsing and hated when my husband cooked it. 

Unfortunately, we had to announce it to my family a little bit earlier than I had wanted to as my midwife ended up calling my dad when she couldn't get in touch with me as he was listed as an alternative contact back from when I was a kid. She couldn't remember if she'd said she was from my doctors or if she said she was my midwife so we announced it later that day with absolutely nothing prepared for a special reveal like I'd wanted.

I actually ended up feeling super nervous when it came to it and couldn't get my words out but thankfully Jacob saved me and announced it. They were super excited and happy. My Dad had been ready to be a Granddad for years and my brother had not so subtly announced on social media that he wanted a niece or nephew badly just the year before! Of course Mom wanted a grandchild too, she had just been slightly more restrained while she waited!

We announced it to Jacobs family the week after and he looked at me to do the actual announcing this time so I did....and his mom thought I was joking! I think I'd teased her one too many times about being pregnant in the past so it wasn't until Jacob gave her the nod that she came running over, practically in tears!

My midwife had calculated me to be 2 weeks ahead of where I was due to my cycle being longer than normal when it came to conceiving. I told her the date of my last period and also told her date I had conceived and to be on the safe side, she used the earlier date as I could always have an extra scan if needed. As predicted, when it came to my first scan, they couldn't do any of the spinal fluid measurements because I was only 10 weeks along so I had to go back 2 weeks later. I was definitely not complaining and absolutely loved seeing my little wriggler again!

However, when it came to the 20 week anomaly and gender scan, things didn't go quite as smoothly...

The ventricles in her brain were measuring larger than they were supposed to and we were immediately booked in for a cancellation appointment with the consultant that same afternoon. I was terrified. The consultant re measured and they were literally just a fraction over the maximum measurements for "normal" so she rebooked me back in for 2 weeks time to see if they changed in that time.

20 week ultrasound scan girl

We were ecstatic that we were having a girl and Jacobs mom didn't believe us as it's all boys on his side. Jacob is one of 4 boys and all of Louise's (MIL) grandchildren so far were boys. We knew she was going to be so spoilt on both sides.

After the tensest 2 weeks of my life, they had not changed like she had hoped and she also couldn't see the cerebellum so referred us for a MRI scan to confirm whether or not it was present. It felt like the world had been pulled out from underneath me. I remember driving to work one day and Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you" and I just started sobbing thinking all I wanted was to know that my baby was going to be OK.

The MRI was so uncomfortable. Trying to keep still while lying on your back with a rather large bump was almost impossible. To make things worse, the music they had given me to listen to was Adele's album...and we all know how depressing that is!

It was the longest wait in history before we went back to see the consultant to get the MRI results and have another scan.

It was the best news ever! Not only had the MRI revealed that the cerebellum was present and fine, the newest ultrasound scan had shown that her ventricles had shrank to within a normal range!

The rest of the pregnancy went smoothly until around about 34/35 weeks. Sophie was breech and so I was doing a lot of bouncing on an exercise ball in an attempt to get her to turn. Unfortunately, this resulted in me not being able to walk for almost 4 weeks, to the extent of I had to go up the stairs on all fours and OAPs overtaking me in the supermarket I was moving so slowly. I called my midwife who gave me some tips to try and reduce the pain and they thankfully worked and I was walking somewhat normally again by 39 weeks.

I had a midwife appointment the day before my due date and she suggested we try a sweep, which I agreed to. After the most painful attempt of trying to reach my cervix, she gave up and told me it was still far too high. She booked me in for another sweep at 40+6 at the hospital, which would also be used to discuss potential induction should that sweep fail too.

This is where my pregnancy story ends and my birth story begins....

40 weeks pregnant


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