Welcome Home Eevee!

Today we went and collected our little fur baby!! We decided to call her Eevee after lots of throwing ideas around. We liked that it was reminiscent of our childhood (she's obviously named after a Pokemon - shame on you if you didn't immediately know that!)
My mom watched the kids for us while we went to get her as its an hours round trip and they'd have been a nightmare.
She didn't like the car one bit and my arm got scratched to death by her sharp little puppy claws. Once we were home she seemed to settle down really well although she didn't eat much food. I just put it down to nerves being in a strange place. Both of the girls ended up rather tired after all of the excitement and ended up having a cheeky little nap!
toddler puppy sophie eevee sleep
We'd spent the whole week trying to tell Sophie that Eevee's cage was not hers to play in! She absolutely loved it but thankfully it appeared to just be a novelty as she has only asked a couple of times to go and play in it since we brought Eevee home. (Although we have just put a much bigger bed in there so I'm half expecting Sophie to get in there and cuddle up while Eevee sleeps!) Every morning prior to getting her she would ask "I go play in cage now?" Can you imagine the looks I'd get if she asked that in public somewhere!
toddler playing dog cage sophie
Come night time though, it became apparent I needed to do some more reading up on puppy training as she cried for about 30 minutes when we put her to bed and I didn't want to accidentally reinforce any kind of crying or howling behaviour. Jacob and I have agreed that she won't be allowed upstairs so her crate is in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this does mean that when I go down to get Samuels bottle for his night feed, I'll be disturbing her.
I think the next few weeks are going to pass quickly in a wave of exhaustion but at least it gets all/most of the sleep deprivation over with in one go! I can't wait to watch the three of them grow up together and be best friends.
Any top tips on training a new puppy would be gratefully received.
sophie eevee puppy springer spaniel
Within 10 minutes of Eevee coming home, Sophie was all over her and wanted to play

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