Samuels Christening!

Yesterday Samuel was christened!

He was christened on World Cup Final day as it was the only day left where we would be able to get him christened by the same vicar who christened Sophie. We didn't actually realise until the day after booking it that it had fallen on Cup Final day.
It was a very early start for me as he woke up at 5:30am and then Sophie woke up at 5:50am. Very unusual for her to be honest but if it was going to happen, it was obviously going to be on a day where I needed my energy.
I went to my mom's to help her with the food as we were doing it ourselves and finish decorating the cake and then back home to get myself and the kiddies ready. Jacob and Samuel were in matching outfits which was sooo adorable!
Everything went well (thankfully no tears on Samuel's side although Sophie ended up standing up the front with us as she thought she was missing out!) and the weather was lovely which always makes any day that much nicer.

My diet went out of the window when we left the church... I must have had 4 plates of food! The food always goes down really well as we always order hot samosas and pick them up on the way to the venue and also do hot pulled pork kept warm in the slow cooker so that people can have pork baps. I went back to let Eevee out and do Samuel another bottle and thankfully there had been no accidents while we were gone. We seem to be making really good progress with toilet training her.
After Sophies early start, she was conked out at 5:30pm so I decided to just put her to bed. Samuel wasn't too long after at 6:45pm but he was so overtired he woke up crying twice within an hour. I'm so glad we managed to get a date for him to be christened before the vicar moved church. I love the fact that both of them were christened by the same person. Makes it that touch more special ❤️

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