I Must Be Crazy...

To be honest, the title sums this post up perfectly.

I. Must. Be. Crazy.
Or stupid.
Or both.

Apparently life isn't hard enough having a 2 year old and a 5 month old. No. I managed to convince Jacob to get a puppy! 
Saw her advertised last night, went to view this morning and the rest, as they say, is history!
We get our fur baby next week so we need to get shopping! We have nothing whatsoever.

So, bit of backstory.
We have both wanted a dog for years but have always said no due to us both working full time which just wasn't fair on the dog. Every now and then the topic would come back up and we'd come to the same conclusion.

Then a couple of months ago it came back up and we realised that I wasn't going back to work full time for a good 5 years at least due to the cost of childcare being so high so we decided to keep our eyes out. If one came up that was the right breed/price/distance away and was female then we would go for it.

Fast forward to last night and up pops a Springer Spaniel cross, for the right money and only 10 miles away! Cue late night conversation with the seller and we arranged to go and see the litter this morning! There was only one female puppy available as the other one had been sold and she came and sat on my lap and totally chilled out ❤️

Sophie absolutely adored her and I looked at Jacob who gave me the nod and we gave them the deposit! So our family is now officially complete and while I know the next 12 months are going to be the hardest ever, I just know that it's all going to be totally worth it!

Eevee puppy springer spaniel

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