I Do Have Nice Things To Say!

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I've got no doubt by now that a lot of you are wondering why I'm not divorced. But the truth is, I started this blog so that I had a place to air my frustrations at motherhood and wifehood. This is a very small, yet very frustrating section of my life.
This is clearly my side of the story. This points out that when Jacob comes home and gets mad that I've done nothing all day, what I've actually 'done' is have 20 internal meltdowns due to the stress of having two misbehaving kids that magically turn into angels as soon as Daddy walks through the door. I have no idea if his outbursts are due to him having an equally shitty day just in a different shitty environment and for different shitty reasons.
Jacob can be incredibly sweet and thoughtful when he wants to be. Although it's really not good for my diet, he regularly comes back from the shops with my favourite chocolate or a bottle of wine or maybe even a new flavour of a fruit cider that he knows I'd like to try. To be perfectly honest, he's far more thoughtful than me. He never seems to struggle for really heartfelt gifts at Christmas or birthdays either. He's a far better gift getter than me!
The whole reason I started this blog was so that, when I was ready to show him, he would see things from my perspective. Understand that I've had an entire week of barely any sleep and a teething child that is utterly miserable and draining to be around...
But also to show him that I realise I need to work on being a better wife again. That being a mother has totally changed the person he married into someone who rarely gets dressed, rarely puts make up on and the majority of the time looks god awful and yet he still lies and tells me he finds me attractive. He's probably not lying but I don't see how he's telling the truth to be honest. I've seen my reflection. I know what I look like.
I wanted this to be a brutally honest account of parenthood and married life instead of all the blogs out there pretending that everything is rosey and making the rest us feel like crap because we can't keep up with their fake life. Who knows, if he is open to the idea, I'd even like Jacob to post on here too so that his point of view is seen too!
Yes we have our moments...maybe even have our days or our weeks, where things are not good at all. But we are happy and I wouldn't want to be sharing this journey with anyone else. 

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