Dear Diary 2 - Weekend Edition

22nd June

Sophie stayed at mom's last night as usual but I dropped Samuel off this morning so I could have a proper top to bottom clean of the house.
Every single room got tidied, polished, hoovered, swept/mopped/carpet cleaned. Bathroom got cleaned (not admitting to how long it had been prior to this), kitchen got cleaned...all except the dining area of the kitchen. Hopefully this means it's just a case of 10 minutes per room from now on to keep it this way! (Spoiler, this didn't happen)

23rd June started off with Jacob annoyed that I'd left the cleaning stuff out as I wanted to finish the dining room. Roll on a huge argument where he purposely tried to slam the door on my foot and I told him if he ever tried to hurt me in anger again, me and the kids would be gone when he got back from work. Some might say this was a bit of an overreaction but if any harm is ever inflicted in anger, intended or otherwise, in my eyes that counts as abuse.
Then, while I'm cleaning the kitchen he comes and dumps Samuel in there with me so that he can watch the football in peace. What. A. Twat.
He took Sophie for a walk a bit later on and when he came back he told me he almost bought me flowers. How lovely. Not.

24th June

This links to my previous post, I must be crazy. After we came home from putting down the deposit, the kids and I went to my moms house and Jacob went to golf. This happens pretty much every Sunday. I love Sunday dinners with my family and when I moved out it was just something that continued to happen without a second thought.
I arrived and showed them a picture of the puppy and said we'd just bought her and got met with looks of exasperation and disapproval from everyone apart from my sister in law, Emma. We weren't met with too much enthusiasm from Jacob's Mom either. They all think we've made a mistake and I'll be biting off more than I can chew with 2 young children in the mix.
I've decided I don't care and I'm beyond excited for next Saturday when we go and collect her!


Also, today I asked Emma if she would be Samuels godmother! Needless to say, she was very happy and said yes! It's been a very short notice christening as the vicar is moving and I wanted the kids both christened by the same person so we had to take the only date that was available....which happened to be the World Cup Final! Ooops!

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