Dad Post Part 2 - Rave

Following on from my previous 'Dad Rant' post, I think it's only right that we show that Dads aren't all bad. They may have their moments when you just feel like screaming at them but they also do a lot of things that we are very grateful for.
The first and biggest thing that comes to mind whenever asked this type of question is that he always let's me lie in on weekends. I see to the kiddies in the night and then when they wake up in the morning Jacob gets up with them and takes them downstairs and I roll over to catch up on all my missing sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes I still don't break even but that's a whole different story! Sometimes, I even come down to a nice tidy kitchen too depending on what moods the terrible twosome have woken up in.
Sophie gets very excited throughout the day and regularly announces that Daddy is home even if he isn't! She really looks forward to him coming back, although I always have to tell her that he's here cause otherwise she gets a right fright when the door goes. She's a right wimp when it comes to noises!
Another thing I also get said to me regularly is "Daddy will do it" if I've told her no to something! Apparently he's the fun parent so when Mommy says no, it's off to Daddy she goes. He takes her to the shops and she always comes back with sweeties with the proudest look on her face.

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The mommies from the last post had no trouble coming up with their top raves for their partners, so keep on reading for that feel good feeling! 
Victoria at The Growing Mum says - No matter how tired he is after work, he looks after the toddler from then until bedtime. He's currently a handful!
Elaine at Entertaining Elliot says - he's the fun one that does all the cool games, piggy backs, water fights etc and he also works really hard on his business to provide a nice life for us.
Charlotte at Looking After Your Pennies says - He’s an awesome dad! He works hard and plays hard. We all love him!
Sinead at Sinead Latham says - his unconditional love for his son and watching them share their love of all things sci fi
Ayse at Arepops says - he’s an incredible dad with so much love and patience (and actually seems to enjoy playing crappy kids games)
Jo at A Rose Tinted World says - he gets up in the night for feeds and to comfort, and forgives the fact that I Mum snore right through
Louise at With Love From Lou says - buys the kids clothes and shoes that he sees and knows we’ll all love
Gail at Yammy Mommy says - he makes my little boy laugh like no one else can.
Alex at Better Together Home says - he's an incredible dad, always has time and patience and I could not do it without him! He also buys me beers and runs me the best bubble baths!
Sophie at Soph-Obsessed says - my husband makes me breakfast and a cup of tea every morning whilst I feed our newborn.
Susan at Edinburgh Mummy says - Takes the boys away on hols so I get peace (secretly dejunking the house while they're gone)
Becky at Mommy and Rory says - My OH is big kid at heart so when it comes to entertainment he has it covered!

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