Dad Post Part 1 - Rants

How many times have you been up in the night with your child and your significant other has been blissfully unaware and snoring his head off?
Or how many impatient huffs because you're not ready to go out yet despite him only getting himself ready and you getting the rest of the household ready?
Or how many times has he come in from work and made some comment about how messy the living room is despite the fact that you've tidied it 59 times already and it never lasts more than 30 seconds before all the toys magically reappear?
I could literally go on and on but my point is that men don't know they're born. You both make this decision to bring these little bundles of - terror- joy into the world and yet it's only really your life that gets turned upside down as a result.
The amount of times I've heard 'yes but you're the mother' or 'well my mom managed it' whenever I try and talk about how he could do just a teeny, tiny bit more to help.
There have been many a time in my motherhood journey where I have wished I was the Dad. They just have an easier time of the whole thing don't you think? They act as if pregnancy is a breeze and that whenever you moan about heartburn, painful kicks, SPD and just general uncomfortableness, that you're being dramatic.

playstation xbox dad toddler game
I'm sure a familiar sight to most moms is their partner playing on their PlayStation or Xbox

One of my biggest gripes with Jacob is that he goes to football on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and sometimes golf on Sundays too. He then has the cheek when I moan at him that I never get any "me time" that he has no "him time"! And if I dare bring up that he goes to football and golf, his reply is "feel free to go and do something" knowing full well I have no hobbies that require me to "go" anywhere. He also regularly says that I'm at home all day as if I have the easier job when in reality (and I'm sure many stay at home moms or moms on maternity feel exactly the same) I'm dreaming of going to work for a break from these little humans that have to be attached to you constantly and some conversation that doesn't revolve around Peppa Pig!

My second biggest annoyance, is that when Jacob wants to go to bed, he can just go to bed. He gets up, says goodnight and up the stairs he trots. Going to bed takes me a minimum of half an hour as I need to sort out Eevee, get whatever I can get ready for the morning, ready for the morning and then make Samuels night feed so I'm not faffing around at 4am. Yes, I premake his night bottle - shoot me.

I rallied up some other moms for their biggest rants and have linked them all below. I'm sure a fair few will resonate with you!


Becky at Mommy and Rory says - He’s terrible at saying no. We definitely play good cop bad cop in our house and you can guess who’s always the bad guy!

Susan at Edinburgh Mummy says - Oh so many to choose from, putting clothes next to instead of in the washing basket drives me nuts. The boys have started copying him now too.

Sophie from Soph-Obsessed says - Leaves the cupboard doors open whilst cooking which has caused me to bump my head numerous times! He also leaves wet towels on the floor!!

Alex from Better Together Home says - if he's on his phone/ game/ watching something there is literally no point trying to talk to him as he will not be listening and will then act as though you've not mentioned whatever it was.

Gail from Yammy Mommy says - he can't deal with poo. I have often been called out of the bath or shower to deal with the mess!

Louise from With Love From Lou says - chooses going to watch the football, playing bowls or having a drink with his mates over spending time with his family.

Suzanne from And Another Ten Things says - he left me and his two children for another woman when our youngest was 3 weeks old.

Jo from A Rose Tinted World says - he NEVER tidies up all the toys can be strewn about the house and he’ll just leave them. And even leaves dirty nappies in the middle of the floor!

Ayse from Arepops says - he is such a baby when it comes to pain. If he’s Ill he’s unable to do anything without making you feel guilty.

Sinead from Sinead Latham says - the game of ‘I’m more tired than you’
We both work full time yet I still do the lions share at home. It’s a constant source of frustration.

Charlotte from Looking After Your Pennies says - Under his supervision, toys go missing. Crazes me! 

Elaine from Entertaining Elliot says - he isn't very good at bedtimes! If he gives our toddler her milk, he'll do it with the telly blaring, curtains open etc and then wonders why she isn't going to sleep. He is also a fan of winding the kids up at bedtime so they're all hyped up!

Victoria from The Growing Mum says - he's not great at planning anything from the online shop to buying a birthday card. I have to remember everything and prompt him into action. Drives me nuts! It also means I hardly get any surprises - well unless I plan it


  1. I can tick all except the pain one lol. Not sure that’s good or bad... 😂😂

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