My Escape Diary

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So I started writing an actual paper diary to help me vent my frustrations of being a mom of two (three if you count the husband!) and thought rather than risking him finding it and reading through it, I'd put it somewhere he'd never look!

So I'm Stacy. Hubby is Jacob, daughter is Sophie and son is Samuel. 

I've been married for 3 years and have 2 beautiful children. I had '2 under 2' for about 6 weeks so as you can imagine, tensions run high on an almost daily basis and this is my way of not committing a crime 👼

Since this is replicating my actual diary, some posts may be incredibly short, while others may be quite long. Some may have pictures, some may not. 

Feel free to follow in the highs and lows of our little family of four if, for some reason, you find us interesting!

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