Dear Diary 1

So last night, after yet another argument about how I feel Jacob is useless and he feels I'm useless, I decided I was going to pretend I am a single mom. No more expectations of help means I can't be disappointed when I don't get it and ignoring him as a resident of the house means less jobs for me to do. I also decided to start keeping a diary. I figured it would be good to vent somewhere since venting at my husband usually ends up with me in tears. I'm one of those angry cryers.

I woke up surprisingly cheerful in comparison to the mood I went to bed in, although it quickly took a slight hit when he text me asking me to put the bins out as he'd forgot. I'll get into his 'jobs' another time.
So after I'd done the kids breakfasts, I emptied all the bins in the house and took the rubbish outside and dragged the manky, cobweb covered bin down the driveway. I have an intense fear of spiders so this is one of the reasons this job has always been Jacob's.
During the course of the day I tidied Sophie's bedroom, put Samuel's clothes away, sorted the ironing out into piles and did Sophie's pile (I have to do it this way as I hate ironing and I won't do it otherwise), put her clothes away, cleaned the kitchen, put a washing load in and then out to dry, put up a bug screen on the kitchen door (see note about hating spiders), swept hallway and kitchen, tidied the stairs, tidied the living room...twice, sorted out the letting agents and kept both children alive and entertained with minimal meltdowns.

family brother sister mom of two

Both kids didn't stop eating all day whereas I barely managed to get half a cup of coffee in me and a shared bowl of cereal. You mom's will know that when you have kids, your food is never yours anymore! Even if they didn't want anything. As soon as you have sat down with it, they come walking over to you, practically stick their nose in your food to see what you have and then announce "I like that!" Cue you being polite and asking if they want any rather than running off and hiding so you can eat it - all of it - in peace.

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